After home, the biggest investment in life comes in the form of car. Thus it is important to secure it. The importance of car insurance can be judged from the fact that government has made it mandatory for all the new vehicles to have car insurance. This has also given a boom to the car insurance companies. The car insurance is like a written agreement between the company and the customer for the protection of the car in cases of accidents or other losses. With the help of the car insurance, one can easily protect it.
Before the new vehicle can take on the road, it requires having the car insurance. These days, car insurance companies provide the car insurance policies on the spot of buying the car. The new tie ups benefit all- customers, car insurance companies as well the car dealers. The car insurance companies provide car insurance for different cases that can harm the car like natural calamities that include the earthquakes, floods etc. the insurance is also provided for the cases when you are not at the fault for the cause of the accident. The car insurance policies provide you different types of policies that can help you to protect yourself and your vehicle.
The rate of the premium that a customer has to pay after a regular time interval is decided by the car insurance companies. This premium help in maintaining the security cover on your car. The car insurance companies decide the premium by considering several factors like the showroom price of the car. The expensive cars lead to a higher amount of the premium that you have to pay to the car insurance company to insure your car. This amount also depends the manufacturing year of the car as well as the place of the registration of the car.
There are large numbers of car insurance companies in the market. Before buying a car insurance policy, it is essential that you study the details of the insurance quotes that are provided by different companies. The car insurance companies now provide the insurance quotes online also so that the customers do not have to visit the companies personally. By filling a complimentary form of details, you can take the information on different types of the car insurance quotes. These days, car insurance companies are providing quick service to the customers with the help of the internet queries system and 24 hour phone service.
The major car insurance companies in India include the HSBC insurance, ICICI Lombard and the United India Auto Insurance. These companies are playing a very important role by providing the desired coverage to the customer and helping them to protect themselves. The car insurance companies follow a typical procedure for the claim. The procedure involves the filling of the claim form and depositing a copy of RC, driver license, FIR, original estimate and the original invoice of the repair.
The car insurance companies provide claims for accidents as well as theft or burglary. For claim, the insurer must have the number of the second vehicle involved in the accident. There should also be the names of the witness along with a copy of FIR in the police station. The car insurance companies appoint a person who verifies the details of the claim and the amount of the claim are fixed. This amount is then given to the customer through check. The car insurance companies have speeded up their processes and they try to give the amount of claim within two weeks.

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